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Hi friends today I am going to tell you about Failure BGM Video Editing Amazing Viral Sad Music Video Editing this editing process is only for boys. Because it contains a month’s worth of stuff.

So it happens if everyone is attracted to it. I request everyone to read this article and learn the editing process. Because through this project you will have a chance to learn a lot about the editing process, so I want you to read this article till the end and learn the process.

Process of Editing


Alight motion application is a very useful application for you to edit this process first. Because you should note that by using this application you can learn many types of editing process. And before you edit this project, please remember one thing that you have given links related to this project ie photo link, font link and present full preset link. And those of you who want to edit this project completely in your own way, those interested people can download them through those links and if you want to edit the photos and songs in the edited place, you will have to edit them again.


by learning such an editing process, you can think and create even more. Simply open the alight motion application and click on the plus high court that appears there and you have to select the ration of whatever ratio you want, your background color should be black and the frame rate should be 60fps. Also you will see an option click on create project there click on it and try your own editing process.


After that I have provided the beat song of this song through the links, from there you have to download this song and add it from your gallery. Now let’s know how to add it. You will see an option called Music. All you have to do is select that song and click on the plus psycho next to it to add it. After that you have to download the lyrics related to this dialogue and put them in advance and then you have to do the editing process of this. You have to add each lyric individually for that you click on text option click on edit text and pace your lyrics one by one. After all the lyrics are added, I will give you a link. The font link in the description is a good font.


I have brought it. You should also use this font. You can download this font through that link and add it to each and every project that you want to edit. Lyric if you pace the font of this. After that you have to add effects, now let’s see how to add them. Now choose the option add effects and choose repeat with standard settings and select count as 10%, time as 0.00, and choose offset x=-143, y=0, and select angle as 0.0°, and select scale as -1.0 and keep alpha as 100%. And add another effect tiles with standard settings and choose crops 1.000, offset as 0.000, and keep the option mirror enable, turnoff the offset vertically option. And choose the option angle as 0.0°.


Now that you’ve added your effects, make sure you play the entire project and correct any mistakes you made. If you feel that this project is complete, immediately click on the expert that appears next to it and also learn to export your project in high quality because many people export in error after the editing process, so by exporting in this way, you will export in a very short time, but the quality But you can’t see it. So by putting in high quality and exporting you project will look excellent.


I will tell you about more interesting process like this in the next article. Thank you. If you are a new watcher of my channel please watch often so that you will have full understanding of such articles as I teach and you will also have a good interest in editing. thank you

Failure BGM Video Editing Amazing Viral Sad Music Video Editing

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