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Hi friends in this project, Instagram best trending friendship lyrical video editing by using mobile application. in this project. Through this project I am going to teach you how to edit a friendship lyrical video. By learning this editing, y

ou will be happy when you are celebrating friendship day and your friend’s birthday. And how is the process of this editing going to be as well as the complete information of the editing and the effects used in this editing will be provided to you through the link so I request you to download it from there.

Process of Editing


Before I starting this project I need a help from your side please support the website and watch the articles regularly to know about more trending projects in future. Please don’t miss the process to ensure the best quality editings.

To edit this project you need to use the application alight motion and see the interface and click on plus icon and choose the ratio that you want to be edit in this project after that keep the background color as Black and choose the frame rate as a High as 60fps now you can choose the option create project to continue the method of editing of this project.


Then you need to add the best png images that you could add the image that you want to edit in this project. Before that process you can add the song that you want to be edit and choose the song by clicking plus icon and now see the length that the song which you added whether incase any high quality process may be defined to process the editing.

After that you can add the PNG images which is already edited by you then it will be considered as a best quality then you may add the dialogue that you edited in this project. To add the dialogue you need to choose the option add texture and add the copied lyrics into this project.


Now drag the same layer into this project and add the remaining continuous dialogues into this project. After adding the dialogue we need to check wheather it is right or otherwise make some corrections.

Now you can add add the font which u produced in description and add the font into this project. And make the each and every lyrics filled with the font.


Now you guys can add the effects for that click on add effects and choose the effect feather and choose the strength 2.056, and keep the iterations and keep ismt as 3.26, and choose the another effect gaussian blur with standard settings


keep strength as 0.085 now the editing process may be completed. Now the process to edit this may be completed hope you guys will be like this project. We are providing the best content projects in future hope you guys may also support the same in future.


Have you seen friends and many more such editing content will be brought to you and through the next article more good editing and projects will be brought to you. Many people like to put these editing statuses because they make them happy by posting on WhatsApp status and Instagram. And in the same way,

if they learn the same editing process, they will be the ones who create the videos they like. Keep up your support and many more good content thanks.

Instagram best trending friendship lyrical video

Full Project



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