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Hi buddies how are you in moment I am going to tell you about a new election design 3d lyrics so you formerly know this 3d lyrics how we produce inshort operations and what patches we used in it and also explain every single option in it like root used and different types of robustness and this useful to inform that the design has been completed so everyone should read this composition precisely before learning the editing process and start the editing proccss only after you have been useful and understood the information to exercise the design for this you first download and open the Inshast operation and once you open it also you will see the produce new

optionandbelowyou’llseethreeoptions.in it and the video option or type it and a black estate is what you add to the design and also in the options you see below and there is an option called oil painting oil oil painting oil painting oil oil painting oil oil painting and click on it after clicking on it and conclude 45 rate and give it to your design because this design is a 3D lyrical editing design so select 45 rate for this editing design

After that process music you added is the estate you extend of 28 seconds you want to edit for this video editing
after extending in this way you put the white line in the starting and grade on the option called PIP which appears over also incline on the option called prints and whatever publish you want to add in the background add that print to these systems and zoom the image and you have that print as the description of this design and I will give the link below so you can download it from there and add it to this design after zooming the added image extend that estate to 29 seconds as well to the design in this way we will be edited after you have extended the background you put the white line in the starting and also we see a simple music in the options as shown above so you click on it and you need to add the song you like to this design and ou can upload any status video and prize the song from that video and also using the options you can add the song for editing to your systems

Now you need to add the text you need for your design text means lyrics so while you are playing the song, you have to precisely understand the first lyric in the song and you have to add that lyric in the form of text for that you have to produce a text estate and also you hear that lyric in the form of text in this way the process can be done after editing when you add text you need to first apply the attractive color to the text after that you will have an option called root in this design and click on it and there are different types of sources in it add the bones
you like to this design and there you will have options text speaking as shown below click on it and put 5 and it will looks beautiful after that you click on the goods option as you can see also you will see multitudinous types of vitality goods in the form of symbols and you can play each symbol and understand the goods precisely you will have a chance to see the goods you like also you will have the first option in introductory in goods an effect called a fade gives vitality to your text

After that you have to drop the size of the test because after you have extended the size of the text you have to move the text to slide a bit because rotate it because in the image you see there you will see a phone in it you have to try to adjust the lyrics so that you can adjust the text Request the size of rotate the text and adjust it perfectly in that way after adding it you click on the edit option again and the first lyric says there is no lyric like you have added also extend that estate for 30 seconds and you are near the ending of the first lyric and click on the split option and play the alternate lyric continuity of whatever song comes and precisely observe the alternate lyric and you have to add that lyric in the text and also add the root and color to the design as you added the first lyric
Also you should extend this lyric and now you have added alternate lyric so you have to resolve the alternate lyric and add it to the third lyric like this you have to extend and after listening Sami precisely you have to add the lyrics to these systems and also the root related to this design and also you can name the text using what I have handed in the description and you can also add color from also to exercise the editing

In this way whatever text you have edited all that text also has to be shaped perfectly into the mobile holder of the print that you see there for that you have to adjust the size of the text in degrees and adjust it so that everyone is set perfectly after recovering this, vitality effect should be given to the text for that you can see multitudinous types of goods in the options called admissions basics so by concluding the symbol you like from it admission is given to your text after the process of this I have given you a flyspeck video in this design in design description this is an effect like snow effect so everyone add it to this design after adding enable chromakey and turn on the screen by doing this you add the effect to your design will be done and you have you seen that we can produce the editing process in our own mobile so everyone should have a complete understanding of the editing process and it’s good to know about the unique options in each operation because through it you will have the occasion to produce new and interesting systems like this and I will let you know in the coming composition Keep up your support and I really need your precious support to see you again with another interesting systems Thank you.

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