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Open alight motion application. Click on plus icon and select the ratio and click on create project. Click on plus icon and select media and I will give you image link in description please download it from there. After that click on plus icon and click on audio and I will also given audio link in description for that there is a plus icon from there then click on plus Icon to add the song

And extend the image upto song ending . Go to starting and now we want to add song lyrics for that you want to add the lyrics in notepad. Then go to notes on your phone and copy the lyrics from there. And Trim extra part. After that we want to select a font a October and the font link in description please download it from there. After that click on move and transform and adjust a lyrics. And go to water shadow and select third option shadow enable it. After that and the song and lyrics to it and trim the unnecessary extra part.

And the same process will be continued then the song is ended and the lyrics is completed and trim unnecessary part. After that we want to add effects to the lyrics for that search option wipe and click on standard settings. After that you want to start and add a key frame in starting. And keep the 60%.

After that go to middle and add another key frame and add go to stating key frame and keep it as 41.6. and again we want to add another key frame in middle and keep as 98.5. and click on angle and keep it as 17.00. and keep feather as 4.0. and the effect is completed.

And now you can see the animation now after that click on effects and copy the effect. And paste the effects to all the lyrics. And keep the start as -6.9 or -12. After that click on export and export the video and select the ratio to export. hope you understand how to edit the project so please support us it will give us encouragement to do more editing tutorials thank you for visiting our website.

►Beat Mark project preset :

►Beat Mark Xml file Link :-

►Shake effect preset Link :-

►Shake effect preset Xml file Link :-

►song Link :-

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