How to create advertisement banner in our mobile by using photo editor application.

Hi friends how are you today i am here to tell you about another good editing process through app what you will learn through this editing process i.e how to edit advertisement banner in your mobile so that you can complete each and every thing through step by step process. I will try to say so please follow the instructions to know the complete information and editing process of this project. I will also follow the process followed by whoever the designers are because many people use a lot of software for editing and I can tell you that we can delete even on our mobiles.




The editing process of this can be done only by using the photo editor application so everyone can notice that this application is a small Photoshop application. Firstly you open the photo editor application and there you will see some interface and you will see an option called width and Height then click on it. There you will put a resolution of 3000 × 3000 and click on create project then it will automatically converted into 1:1 ratio.

After that process you need to download your object with you like to edit as an advertisement so choose them any browser and download and keep it ready to process. After that open any browser and choose pink background then you can observe several backgrounds and also search rose flowers design background so download. And by using this editing application the editing will be done in the formation of layers so choose the option text and before that you can add the downloaded background in to this project.







After that process you need to adjust the image and make the image full screen by using your fingertips. And make the white line below and now choose the option shapes there are different types of shapes are available so you can customise your shape. And choose the square shape for the shapes option and the colour will be given white as default so you can add the red colour to the shape.

After that you can customise the shape for that see the angle and make them as it is and design the bending option to process and make the style. Now choose the option shape and make them duplicate and it will make another layer now select the below shape or click on above shape and change the colour. Now click on the shape and rotate the shape as you like to edit and draw it make them curve and duplicate it. After that process move them to bottom after that process you can adjust the points and now make the all shapes in a group. And now set them to last now choose the yellow colour to white color and it can be adjusted by ungrouping. And there is in several options like shapes and brush options by using this options you can give you a fade effects to your project. And crop the image and designed image in a setrain way to process the editing.








Also you can cut a project using different types of effects and similarly you can add a background color to the banner that you saw in the preview to get a better look. Similarly you need to add a PNG image of any girl so by adding it you will provide a requirement for the banner. And Similarly you can color grading should be given to the banner you have chosen. Color grading is good for us with multi-colors which is attractive and decent. It is better to select and add pink color. Similarly, for decoration, you also need to add decoration particles for that you download and add it to this project By doing this you have to add the decoration images that you have chosen to suit the photos. Similarly you should first select and adjust what you want to promote it through advertisement because by doing this promotion can be made very easy. Your desired quotation is given in text form.








After that you write the complete material related to your advertisement in the form of description, add fonton color to the written text and make it attractive. An understanding of what the banner is made of is achieved. Similarly. After the banner is ready then you have to put flower bouquets because it is very useful for good attractive for the banner and if you put such additional attractiveness in a way that elevates the nature will provide a nativity will appear in the banner. Similarly you can make a good color adjustment of your banner using the blending modes. The similarly you can easily crop the party you want using the cropping option, and you can edit your project in a perfect way with many types of options. And many people don’t know about this banner editing process so I’m just telling you to give you a complete understanding of how we can edit it on our mobile.






You can do the entire editing process through our photo editor application using a few pages of content like this. After making this banner completely check it once. Even if you want to add an extra image for any attraction or something missed with your should download it from Chrome in advance and add it to a project. You have to mention it in the description as well as by adding a quotation in the text you will get a good response to your banner. I think you understand this kind of project well because many people think of how to do banner editing on mobile but they don’t know how to edit and the process of this is said for them and I think you have fully understood about this advertisement banner.











I hope you all understand the complete process that I have told you, you can do banner editing, banner editing and lyrical video rating, 3D effect, lyrical video editing, EFX, video editing, and so on. Any information about it is available here and I have explained each and every option so that everyone can understand it and I have also explained the useful tools in each application and I hope you will learn the complete editing process carefully and through the next article I will give you another good editing project. Please give me your valuable support to come up with the content so that I can learn and tell you all the editing process you need.Thank you to everyone who supports me thank you.



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